01. Business has [flourished] since we started advertising on the Internet.
02. Victoria is quickly becoming a [flourishing] center for bicycle tourism.
03. Our roses are really [flourishing] in this nice weather.
04. The actress threw her scarf over her shoulder with a [flourish], and sped off in her sports car.
05. Bronwyn always signed her name with a [flourish].
06. Disease [flourishes] in the poor, filthy ghettos of the country.
07. Recent studies have shown that crime is [flourishing] in the inner cities.
08. There is a Japanese proverb which states that the most beautiful flowers [flourish] in the shade.
09. Although Buddhism began and first [flourished] in India, by 1200, it had almost disappeared there.
10. The [flourishing] city of Pompeii was destroyed by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius around 79 A.D.
11. The culture of the Mayas [flourished] in what is now Mexico from 300 B.C. to 900 A.D.
12. Relative to other countries, religion in the U.S. continues to [flourish].
13. Greece is the world's third leading producer of olives, which [flourish] in the dry climate.
14. Wild tigers can [flourish] only if given enough space and enough prey.
15. There is a French proverb which holds that what you keep rots, but what you give [flourishes].
16. Buddhist and Hindu influences [flourish] side by side in Thailand.
17. Belize is known for its [flourishing] black market in goods imported from the United States and Mexico.
18. The ancient city of Byzantium was the seat of government and the center of a [flourishing] culture blending Oriental and Hellenistic elements.
19. Venice in the 1600s, with its reputation for freedom from social and religious constraints, was the ideal place for opera to [flourish].
20. William C. Menninger once observed that hate can only [flourish] where love is absent.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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